Selected Publications, Patents and Presentations

Sorrentino A., Beckhove, P., Michels T., Khandelwal N., Boutros M., Breinig M., Sennhenn P., Meier-Ewert S.
Intracellular kinase associated with resistance against anti-tumor immune responses, and uses thereof

Trebosc V., Gartenmann S., Royet K., Manfredi P., Tötzl M., Schellhorn B., Pieren M., Tigges M., Lociuro S., Sennhenn P., Gitzinger M., Bumann D., Kemmer C.
A novel genome editing platform for drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii revealed an AdeR-unrelated tigecycline resistance mechanism.
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 2016, 60, 7263-7271

Schellhorn B., Kemmer C., Lucchini V., Gartenmann S., Trebosc V., Deroose F., Sennhenn P. Lociuro S., Tigges M., Gitzinger M., Pieren M.
Identification of VanR inhibitors re-sensitising vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) towards glycopeptide antibiotics.
26th ECCMID Congress, Amsterdam, Netherlands April 9 - 12, 2016

Conrad M., Schick J., Proneth B., Sennhenn P.
Spiropyrazine derivatives as inhibitors of non-apoptotic regulated cell-death
WO2016075137 PCT Int. Appl. 2016.

Conrad M., Schick J., Proneth B., Sennhenn P.
Spiroquinoxaline derivatives as inhibitors of non-apoptotic regulated cell-death
WO2015007730 PCT Int. Appl. 2015.

Conrad M., Schick J., Proneth B., Sennhenn P.
Tissue protection by non-apoptotic cell death inhibitors.
BioVaria, München, Germany, May 11, 2015.

Chellat M., Raguz L., Sephton M., Züger P., Brand M., Schneider P., Tigges M., Gitzinger M., Sennhenn P., Pieren M., Levi A., Schellhorn B., Gygaxc D., Spiesc P., Riedl R.
Tackling Antibiotic Resistance by Transcription Repressor Inhibitory Compounds
Molecules for the Life Sciences, Swiss Chemical Society ILMAC-FH-Award 2013.

Backes A., Sennhenn P., Müller G.
Design principles of kinase inhibitors.
Protein Kinase Targets; Eds. Mueller G., Klebl B.; VCH-Wiley: Weinheim, Germany, 2011

Müller G., Sennhenn P. Woodcock T., Neumann L.
The retro-design concept for novel kinase inhibitors.
IDrugs. 2010, 13, 457 - 466.

Sennhenn P., Hafenbradl D., Brandstetter T., Woodstock T., Koestler R., Schoop A., Vogt J., Walch h., Backes A., Baumann M., Zybarth G., Mueller G.
Novel 5-sulphonylamino-benzothiophenes as anti-cancer agents.

Henry C., Sennhenn P., Woodstock T., Schoop A.
Novel 5-acylamino-benzothiophenes as anti-cancer agents.

Brandstetter T., Eickhoff J., Koestler R., Schoop A., Sennhenn P., Becker F., Kauffmann C.
Dihydropteridinones as PLK Inhibitors.
WO2009130016 PCT Int. Appl. 2009.

Reiser U., Kraemer O., Sennhenn P., Spevak W.
Spiro- (THO) benzopyran-2, 4’-piperidine- and cyclohexane derivatives as inhibitors of specific cell cycle enzymes.
WO2007128782 PCT Int. Appl. 2007.

Reiser U., Ettmayer P., Kraemer O., Sennhenn P., Spevak W.
New chemical compounds
WO2007144370 PCT Int. Appl. 2007.

Sennhenn P., Mantoulidis A., Treu M., Tontsch-Grunt U., Spevak W., McConnel D., Schoop A., Brueckner R., Jacobi A., Guertler U., Schnapp G., Klein C. Himmelsbach F., Pautsch A., Betzemeier B., Herfurth L., Mack J., Wiedenmayer D., Bader G., Reiser U.
Alpha-Carbolines as CDK-1 Inhibitors.
WO2006131552 PCT Int. Appl. 2006.

Rudolph J., Sennhenn P., Vlaar C., Sharpless K. B.
Smaller substituents on nitrogen facilitate the osmium-catalyzed asymmetric aminohydroxylation.
Angew. Chem., Intern. Ed. 1996, 35, 2810-2813.

Helmchen G., Kudis S., Sennhenn P., Steinhagen H.
Enantioselective catalysis with complexes of asymmetric P,N-chelate ligands.
Pure Appl. Chem. 1997, 69, 513-518.

Peer M., de Jong J., Kiefer M., Langer T., Rieck H., Schell H., Sennhenn P., Sprinz J., Steinhagen, H.
Preparation of chiral phosphorus, sulfur and selenium containing 2-aryloxazolines.
Tetrahedron 1996, 52, 7547-7583.

Knuehl G., Sennhenn P., Helmchen, G.
New chiral ß-phosphinocarboxylic acids and their application in palladium-catalyzed asymmetric allylic alkylations.
J. Chem. Soc. Chem. Commun. 1995, 1845-1846.

Sennhenn P., Gabler B., Helmchen G.
Enantiomerically pure cycloalkenylacetic acid derivatives via Pd-catalyzed asymmetric allylic alkylation and subsequent enantiomeric enrichment via iodolactones.
Tetrahedron Letters 1994, 35, 8595-8598.

A full list of publications is available on request.

Sennhenn P.
Ferroptosis, a Novel Druggable Cell Death Pathway: From Primary Screening Hit to Clinical Candidate
SAGIM Meeting, San Diego, CA, USA, April 12, 2019

Sennhenn P.
Long-Residence Time Kinase Inhibitors: Deep Pocket Binders by Fragment-Based Design
Fragment-Based Drug Design, Tokyo, Japan, Feb. 07, 2011

Sennhenn P.
Medicinal Chemistry: A Rule-Based Science?
9th Swiss Course on Medicinal Chemistry, Leysin, Switzerland, Oct. 12, 2010.

Sennhenn P.
Long Residence Time Kinase Inhibitors: Binding Kinetics in Fragment-Based Drug Design.
Chemistry fro Preventing & Combating Disease, ACS National Meeting, Boston, MA, USA, Aug. 23, 2010.

Sennhenn P.
Post RO5 Optimization Parameters: Design Principles of Protein Kinase Inhibitors
Training Course at Screening, MedChem and ADMET Europe, Berlin, Germany, Feb. 26, 2009.

Sennhenn P.
Kinase Inhibitors with Tailored Binding Kinetics by Fragment-Based Design
Screening, MedChem and ADMET Europe, Berlin, Germany, Feb. 25, 2009.

Sennhenn P.
Fragment-Based Lead Discovery: a Viable Alternative to HTS?
Ringberg Meeting 2009: Academia Meets Industry, Ringberg, Germany, Jan. 08, 2009.

Sennhenn P.
Fragment-Based Lead Generation for Novel Kinase Inhibitors.
Small Molecules, Antibodies and Natural Products: Multiple Faces of Medicinal Chemistry, Leuven, Belgium, Nov. 07, 2008.

Sennhenn P.
Design Principles of Protein Kinase Inhibitors
Pre-Workshop at CHI 6th Annual Discovery on Target, Boston, MA, USA, Oct. 20., 2008.

Sennhenn P.
The Choice of the Aurora Enzyme is an Imprortant Determinant in the Ligand Finding Process.
Cell Baded Assays, München, Germany, May 21, 2008.

Sennhenn P.
The privileged structure concept applied to protein kinase Inhibitors.
GTCbio’s 3rd Annual Conference on Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery, San Diego, CA, USA, May 05, 2008.

Sennhenn P.
Selectivity of kinase inhibitors: From PknG to Aurora.
GTCbio’s 2nd Annual Conference on Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery, Boston, MA, USA, May 31, 2007.

Sennhenn P.
Aurora kinase inhibitors: Lead structure identification from the tetrahydrobenzo[b]thiophene class.
Minisymposium: Drug Discovery and Design, AACR Annual Meeting,
Los Angeles, CA, USA, April 17, 2007.

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