Career History

CEO & Founder (2012 - present)
transMedChem Consulting

  • Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Discovery Consulting
  • Operational execution of preclinical drug discovery projects
  • CRO and Resource Allocation
  • Collaborations with clients from the biotech hubs in D, CH, EU and USA
  • ROSCUE Therapeutics: Founder & Scientific Adviser
  • Yukin Therapeutics: Scientific Adviser

VP Medicinal Chemistry (2013 - 2017)
Bioversys, Basel, Switzerland

  • Directed the medicinal chemistry department and coordinated chemistry outsourcing
  • Managed various antiinfective prgrams from Hit ID to LO
  • Successfully selected screening libraries and identified new chemical starting points for novel targets

Director Medicinal Chemistry (2008 - 2012)
Proteros, Munich, Germany

  • Built up and directed the medicinal chemistry department
  • Integrated x-ray crystallography and modeling into structure-based drug design
  • Successfully directed customer projects from big pharma and biotech in the fields of kinases, proteases and epigenetics

Director Medicinal Chemistry (2005 - 2008)
GPC Biotech, Munich, Germany

  • Directed the medicinal chemistry department incl. molecular modeling, compound logistics and formulation
  • Coordinated chemistry research activities with sites in Europe and the US
  • Successfully directed various lead identification and optimization projects: Identified in vivo efficacious kinase inhibitors

Group Leader Medicinal Chemistry (2001 - 2005)
Boehringer Ingelheim, Vienna, Austria

  • Built up and directed the first medicinal chemistry group within the newly founded chemistry department
  • Managed a collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group aimed at enhancing R&D efficiency
  • Identified in vivo efficacious kinesin inhibitors

Lab Head Medicinal Chemistry (1996 - 2000)
Boehringer Ingelheim, Biberach, Germany

  • Directed a medicinal chemistry lab
  • Managed a cell cycle inhibitor lead identification project
  • Identified in vivo efficacious CDK inhibitors
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